Rbotronics Loofah (body scrubber) Pack Of 4 Piece

Rbotronics Loofah Made from natural grown loofah gourds, our Loofah Sponges provide a gentle daily exfoliating experience. Our economical multi-packs allow you to stock up and replace them when the time comes. Remember to soak your loofah sponge in water before using it for the first time.


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  • Set contains 4 piece
  • Made from natural loofah
  • Very comfortable
  • The various natural fibers in a loofah makes it ideal as a scrub. What is great about these fibers is that they are very durable and non-elastic. Natural loofahs should be replaced every month. If you notice mold on it or it develops a mildewy or musty odor, replace it immediately.
  • Package Content: 4 Body scrubber


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